Portuguese Nationality Assistance


Birth Registration before 1961:- €1000

1. Applicants birth certificate in Teor
2. Indian Passport
3. Aadhar Card / Voting Card/ Driving License/ Pan Card Copy for Photo Identity proof. {Any 2}
4. Residence Certificate confirming applicant residence in India between
01-01-1974 to 31-12-1975.
5. Any Old Documents Issued by Portuguese Authority before 19-12-1961.
6. Applicant’s father’s Birth Certificate in Teor
7. Applicant’s mother’s Birth Certificate in Teor
8. Applicant’s parent’s Marriage Certificate in Teor

Death Process if Applicant is deceased:- €220

1. Death certificate if the applicant is deceased (2 Copies)

Marriage Registration before 1961 / after 1961:- €620

1. Applicants marriage certificate, Teor if applicable or English
2. Applicants Indian Passport or Aadhar Card or Voting Card Copy for Photo Identity.
3. Spouse birth certificate, Teor if applicable or English
4. Spouse photo ID copy (Indian Passport, Voting card or Aadhar card) OR
Death certificate if spouse is deceased.

Birth Registration Born After 1961:- €1000

1. Applicant’s birth certificate.
2. Applicant’s passport photo copy – Front and Back page.
3. Applicants Aadhar Card or Voting Card or Driving License or Pan Card Copy for Photo Identity {Any 2}
4. If parents are registered, Assento de Nascimento and Assento de Casamento to process the registration born after year 1961.

• All documents in English needs translation
• All the above documentation should be legalized in India with Notary, Collector, Home Office and Apostille (Ministry of External Affairs NEW DELHI). (Rupees 2,000 + GST per document)